Stills & Moving Image - Technical Production Portfolio


I would like to introduce you to the portfolio I have made to my current job in the advertising - commercial photography industry. Some more things to be re-think, but I am sure you will get the idea:

This is another exercise to the Front End course which, I will include in the Front End Engineer portfolio I am starting to build now with a different approach to this one you are about to see.
I went nuts with Javascript. Tried to build some logic behind images toggling on/off to show/hide some hiddden logos behind images but when I was finding a solution to something, something else was happening else where in addition to me not getting it. It was never ending.

So in spite of my attempt to build that javascript logic I made a different solution that I thought it was not ideal on mobile, but that mirja_t came to the rescue with on mobile. I image this is how collaboration is like in codecademy, at least is the closest I have been.

I believe Its been around 10 days - 5 hours a day (±) trying different layouts until I did find one that was enough for my purpose. The Javascript thing took me for a walk several times right before frogs were coming out form my mouth.

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Happy Miercoles!