Still zero likes!


hello moderators...
i got a few likes from others, and i have the achievement that says so, but under my profile summary it states otherwise; i have 0 likes received currently. is it because you need 24h for the like to be considered received?... or what?
thanks :smile:


nope, seems you still have zero likes

which badge? First like? That is you liking a post/topic of someone else, not the other way around

oops, you indeed seem to have the welcome bagde, weird, maybe it takes sometime before it appears on you profile, could be the profile is only updated every x days

Are really likes that important? You will get them, don't worry


okay... thanks...
ill check if there is anything new


it could be someone like one of you posts, then revoked the like, this would very likely give you the badge, but not the like on your profile