Still on Python 2?


I’ve signed up to check out how the Python course holds up but in the first lesson I noticed Codecademy is still using the Python 2 syntax and has no option for using Python 3. I was wowed. This is like teaching Windows XP. Just let both go.

Guys, it’s 2016. Python 3 has been out for 8 years already. Teaching newbies to code in a legacy language version that was scheduled for running out of support last year and is now finally on its last breath is not the way to go. I cannot recommend Codecademy for my colleagues until this is fixed.

So, any roadmaps for updating it?

Hello, @chipsolver91549 ,

This is a poll for users to vote for which language they want to be added to Codecademy. You can put in votes for Python3 in there. I voted for Python Django! Hope this clears out your issue!


Well, as it’s just an update to the present state of Python and not a different language or framework it should not be a different course, just an upgraded version of the current one.

Besides, a poll is just reflective of what a small sample of people already on Codecademy think, not potential newcomers, and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.

So I think your suggestion does not exactly solve this issue, but thanks for it. I appreciate your attention. I voted for Python 3 there.

@chipsolver91549 Due to the changes in how Codecademy courses are powered, when this gets updated, it will have to be as a new course.

I don’t have a timeline for when it will happen, but I do know that Codecademy plans on bringing out a new Python course at some point in the future :slight_smile:

So, could it be that the new Learn Python course (coming on Q1 2017 according to Iga’s Sep 7th post) is finally this brand new Python 3 course? :grinning: