Still Don't Know How to Position Elements on a Webpage

So, I’m trying to apply what I learned from the CSS Positioning lesson in Unit 6 of the HTML and CSS tutorial.

I have come to realize that I still don’t really have a clue how to position anything. I’m trying to do a web page and floating stuff and it’s just going all over the place. I try shrinking and expanding things and sometimes they overlap in a good way and sometimes they don’t. It’s pretty much the end of the course and I did fine in it, but can’t apply anything. Where do you go next to learn this? Is there a book anyone can recommend for a stupid person who needs something simple?

Is there a clear procedure for putting stuff where you want it or is it all guess, check, and tweak?

Appreciate the free course though. It’s been a good starting point. I can’t build a website though.


Here’s some articles/tutorials that will help you:


i also wrote this answer, might be of some use. Position is difficult to understand, you should practice with it to gain better understanding


Thanks guys! Sorry for the attitude, I’ll try this tonight! :slight_smile:

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