Still can't pass 10/19: HTTP Status Codes Soundcloud-API vs YouTube API


I am not able to pass 10/19: HTTP Status Codes from the 'How to Use APIs with Javascript' track. My code is:

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "", false);


Varying the GET link with HTTP/HTTPS and other obviously bad links all return variations on:

NetworkError: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''.

However, the pages return 404 errors when I navigate to them manually. I've searched the forums but can't find any other ideas. Help?

EDIT: I was able to pass when I switched from the track JS for YouTube API track to the JS for SoundCloud API track, even though the exercises and my input were identical.


Try reseting the code and then typing it in again or copying and pasting from the q and a tips.


having the same issue....