Steph Curry and the Finals MVP

I really enjoyed doing this project. It was actually the reason I started the course in the first place. I built a K Neighbors model to predict who WOULD have won the 2015 NBA Finals MVP based off of voting patterns. The case for who SHOULD have won it is too subjective/long/a different argument altogether.

It took me like 40 hours to finish but that’s mostly because I was very caught up in wrangling the data. The actual analysis was more like 2-4 hours.

There are improvements to be made on my model. I list them in my Jupyter Notebook. Here’s the link via github:


I too totally agree he was robbed. I am such a super Steph Curry fan and NBA fan that I took the data science course just to destroy arguments on Twitter using stats. I love your work, phenomenal work(biased opinion from Steph fan but still awesome stuff here dear sir!!)

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Thanks! And yes, he was definitely robbed but at least he erased all (unfair) doubt this year.

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