Step 8: On selector many properties - bug/stuck?


Hi there, I am stuck at step 8: One selector, many properties.

The error is

Oops, try again.
It looks like your paragraph isn’t in the font Garamond.

My css code is :
p { font-family: Garamond; color: green; font-size: 24px; }

I did not changed the html:


You're about to style this paragraph with CSS all on your own!


I changed Garamond with Impact, and the paragraph font is correctly updated.
Where is my mistake?

thanks for your answers


I don’t see any mistake, you could try a different browser. It could be, your browser is sending cached data, trying a different browser resolves this problem


Ok, I have skipped this step.
It may comes from the firefow cache


esta acontecendo o mesmo comigo


what browser are you using?


This post is over a month old. I’m sure stetim94 will answer your question here this time, but next time, could you please not revive a month+ old topic? Thanks.