Step 8/9


For a start I will tell that this course in general rather slow and have some bugs.

First seven tasks anyway managed to be passed, and the task 8 doesn’t work well at all in any way, even the inscription “GET CODE” doesn’t appear.


Make sure that you use the bug reporting tool in the exercise to let them know about that.

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they want something like this:

SELECT REPLACE(ingredients,‘enriched_’,’ ') as item_ingredients
FROM baked_goods;

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Hello for everyone. It example of my code
SELECT id, REPLACE(REPLACE(ingredients, ‘__’ ,’ '), ‘enriched’, ‘’) as item_ingredients
from baked_goods;

But I can`t pass this exercise. Can somebody say, what wrong with this code? In the result I have
‘enriched_flour’ with out ‘enriched’ and other ingredients without ‘_’

I think my code more usefull. Please wath iin my post