Step 6. The Universal Selector

  • {
    font-family: Georgia;

h1, p {
color: DarkSlateGray;

p {
font-size: 18px;

The program puts the code and continues the issue. I don’t pass to the next step.

Universal selector is *

* {
//some style

It is a *, it’s just converted by the markdown editor.

I’m stuck at this step too. The code is good but the validator won’t accept it (even after some trys when I click on “get code”, which has the exact same code as my attempt…

Please give me a link to exact exercise you have problems with so I can see clearly what is wrong.

Having the same problem.

It’s in the title : it is the exercise “Step 6. The Universal Selector” in Learn HTML & CSS: Part I".

By the way I managed to pass it by using another browser: the same code that is marked as erroneous in Firefox is validated in Chromium…

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Good that you found the solution. I’m using firefox and I passed without any problems :confused:

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