Step 5 Won't show date

The day.html template:

<!-- Format a date so it displays in the format "Friday 1/16" -->
<h2 class="date"> {{ <!--| date:'EEEE, M/d'-->}} </h2>

TODO: Loop through events and display each one with this HTML

<div class="event" ng-repeat='event in'>
  <a href="#/{{$index}}">
    <h3 class="name"> {{}} </h3>
    <p><span class="from"> {event.from} </span> - <span class="to"> {{ }} </span></p>


var app = angular.module('CalendarApp', ['ngRoute']);
app.config(function($routeProvider) {
  .when('/', {
    controller: 'DayController',
    templateUrl: 'views/day.html'
    redirectTo: '/'


 app.controller('DayController', ['$scope', 'events', function($scope, events) {
    $ = data;


app.factory('events', ['$http', function($http) {
  return $http.get('')
    return data;
  .error(function(data) {
    return data;

Any assistance is appreciated. No data shows. I have not added the date piping for the times because I don’t want that to cause an error while error testing.

Do you have the ng-app attribute set in your body tag in your html template?
<body ng-app="CalendarApp">

Yes, that is default with the exercise.

Ahh in DayController.js you should be setting
$ = data; instead of $

That helped a bit thank you.

Now the events show but the date still does not show.

That and commenting out the ‘| date:’ caused the date error. Thank you for the assistance.

Error 1: After experimenting, inside of the {{}} you should NEVER have spaces or extra junk such <!-- -->. If you look at your output, it literally says{{ }}` and note it prints out the spaces too. Not sure if both but at least it works now with the correct version below.

Incorrect: <h2 class="date"> {{ <!--| date:'EEEE, M/d'--> }} </h2>

Correct: <h2 class="date"> {{}} </h2>

Error 2: You are to use the curly brackets in pairs, {{}}, not singularly, {}.

Incorrect: <p><span class="from"> {event.from} </span>

Correct: <p><span class="from"> {{event.from}} </span>

I am using google chrome.