Step 5 on deploy a website it tells me to use the cd command and when i do the whole page errors out


So basically its telling me to use the "cd" command with jekyll and once i do this it says file not found and starts to error if you know what to do please help me out thank you so much!


Maybe you're looking in the wrong place. Have a look around at what's around you, same as you would with a graphical file explorer.


This is the error i get: fatal: 'jekyll http://localhost:4000/cd' could not be found. You may need to install the jekyll-http://localhost:4000/cd gem or a related gem to be able to use this subcommand.


What is that meant to do?

1) Find out if the website exists smowhere in your home directory
1.5) create it if not there
2) Figure out what you mean to do with it
3) Find out which command to type to make that happen, and run it

Can't just.. guess wildly, you'll get nowhere. You have to act with purpose, decide what you want to do and what information you need. Find out how to do that something and/or how to get that information. No guessing.


There's a glitch in the course. You need to create the personal-website with jekyll again. So basically do everything all over again.

Jekyll new personal-website
cd personal-website
git init
git remote add origin /home/......./.git/

Then use git add and git commit.


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