Step 5: migration file not created



So for step 4 I ran the folowing command rails generate model Signup

the terminal output is:

invoke  active_record                          
      create    db/migrate/20161218145210_create_sign
      create    app/models/signup.rb                 
      invoke    test_unit                            
      create      test/models/signup_test.rb         
      create      test/fixtures/signups.yml

This looks correct as far as I can see, but the migration file was not created. I've reset the project 4 or 5 times. Am I missing something or do you think there's a bug?


I managed to resolve this by manually creating the migrate folder and running the command again.


this might just be a performance issue.

I had the same issue on the next project. interestingly, the file is there, the tree just fails to load it:

You can see the file exists but doesn't appear in the tree


@systemrunner39128 This looks like a bug to me. If you could report it to the Codecademy team (scroll down to the bottom of the instructions) so they know about it, that would be great :slight_smile:



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