Step 5 github settings error


The instructions for this step are a bit confusing. I created a new file and named it CNAME, then entered my domain name with the format "" like it says in the instructions. Then I navigate to the settings section on github, and it says:

"Domain's DNS record could not be retrieved. For more information, see"

  1. I watched the video tutorial and the domain name is entered with the format "" which is different from the instructions pane. Which is the correct format?

  2. I've tried both formats and I'm still seeing the error on the settings page. My domain is confirmed registered on my AWS account. I've only created it tonight, do I need to wait before it works on github, or have I done something wrong?

  3. I went to the suggested github help page and discovered CNAME files set up a subdomain, and ANAME files set up apex domains. Their wording is a little confusing. Will a subdomain like the one we're setting up still direct people correctly whether they use a www or not?

EDIT: I didn't see the post, which I've linked below, with the same issue because it was in a different section. Following the rest of the course steps resolved my issue as well.


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