Step 4, why am I getting this error?


This is my code

var paragraph = (“p”);

I don’t know whats wrong but my error is

Oops, try again. It looks like you didn’t add a

after the

with ID #two.

4. Moving elements around

Hi Celestia123,

You’ve gone a little bit away from what the exercise wants, but that’s fine :slight_smile:
If you press t he “Reset Code” button beside the “Save & Submit Code” button on the bottom bar, your code for this exercise will be reset so you can start again from scratch on this one. Alternatively, you can just replace your current code with the original:

$(document).ready(function() {

Now, take a look at the instructions before they tell you to actually do stuff. The only line you’re supposed to modify is line 3, and at the top of the instructions we see this:


That’s how they’re expecting us to accomplish the task they gave us. The only thing you should need to modify from that line is the selector (spoiler: Change the selector to $('#two') at the beginning) :slight_smile:


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