Step 3 will not turn green for me

Step 3 will not turn green for me

Please post a link to the exercise and the command you have tried.

i all so need help
i try every thaing that i can think.

Then you also would need to explain what you’re trying to do and what’s preventing you.

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I too am having the same problem. I have followed the instructions in the exercise, even going through them multiple times and I’m not getting the check mark in the box for step 2.
In step 1 it says:
In the terminal, type
nano ~/.bash_profile
Step 2 says:
In ~/.bash_profile, at the top of the file, type
echo “Welcome, Jane Doe”
You can use your name in place of “Jane Doe”.
Type Ctrl + O to save the file.
Press Enter to write the filename.
Type Ctrl + X to exit.
Finally, type clear to clear the terminal window.
I did all that including using my own name instead of “Jane Doe”. I even tried it with “Jane Doe”, and step 3 wont light up.

I found the answer. In step 2 the instructions say type “echo “Welcome, Jane Doe””. I had forgot to type “echo” in the command.
Hope that helps others.:slight_smile:

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