Step 3. Exercise 1. No such file or directory. Are we supposed to create it again?


So I went through the previous sections where I created my personal-website with jekyll and everything worked as it should have (or at least as the exercise said it would). So I got my static website, and went on to the next section.

Then I get to this exercise and try to cd into personal-website, but it's nowhere to be found. There's only workspace/daw/ with nothing inside, so I get the error "No such file or directory".

I used jekyll new personal-website inside /daw/, and eventually went through with the exercise successfully.

My question is, was I supposed to create it again? If so, shouldn't that step be in the instructions?

If I wasn't to create it again, wasn't it supposed to remember me creating it previously?



Nope you were not supposed to create it again there's a glitch in the course which has been reported, creating it again is a work around..

Thanks for informing us :green_heart:


I see. Thank you for answering!


When will the glitch be fixed? My output says that there is no such file or directory for the same step


It has been reported, we are not aware of how long will it take to fix, however there is a work around which you can try:

First refresh your page then type each line pressing enter between each

$ mkdir personal-website 
$ cd personal-website/
$ git init


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