Step 3: displaying text inline with image issue


Can not get the 'cloud' picture to display inline with the text. I have resized the cloud and tried just about everything, but text still shows up below image.

 <div class="main">
      <div class="container">
        <img src="" height="98" width="150"/>
        <h2>The Innovation Cloud Conference</h2>
        <p>Connect with the best minds across a wide range of industries to share ideas and brainstorm new solutions to challenging problems.</p>
        <p>Hear industry leaders talk about what worked (and what didn't) so that you can save time on your most challenging projects.</p>
         <p>Learn about the latest research and technologies that you can use immediately to invent the future.</p>


.main .container {
	margin: 80px auto;
  background: white;
.main .img {
  float: left;


.main .img {
  float: left;

img is not a you dont need . for it


Thank you! That worked! Almost of day of messing around with code and it turns out to be a "."!


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