Step 2

What I’m doing wrong?

git clone science-quizzes/ my-quizzes


Pretty sure that’s right. I’m having an issue with getting this exercise to pass, too.

git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes


surely all that does it make two copies on the network share, the correct answer should be ‘git clone science-quizzes ~/my-quizzes’

The exercise ought to accept git clone science-quizzes/ my-quizzes, too.

you have to write

git clone science-quizzes my quizzes

thats all you dont need anything to part them

git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes WORKS!!!

This works though I am not certain CodeCademy did a great job about explaining how to get this. Could you elaborate.

Thank you very much in advance.

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I agree with other posters. The solution is git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes, however, the context is not great, since you would never really use that within the same location. It would be great if this were updated to simulate cloning “science-quizzes” from the remote repository.



thank you so much i have been fiddling with it for hours and i didn’t know it was so simple. thanks again.