Step 10 Bug Makes it Impossible To Continue

sane with me but on step 10

I’m getting the same problem and I just started the python course

It drove me nuts!
Thanks bro

Same problem here. It’s amazing that this bug has been reported by so many people and a good while ago and Codecademy has not fixed it. Oh well. Since I can’t continue I’ll have to go find a turorial. Would rather work here but it is virtually impossible.

As mentioned in previous posts, you need to “Reset Exercise” by clicking the spin icon immediately right of the Run button of the console. Confirm you’d like to reset exercise when the pop up comes up and go back one or two lessons and retry, worked for me as well. THANKS ALL!!!

Thanks! It worked for me too!

Same problem. It continuously showing it.

Same problem for me, but the fix mentioned above where you reset the files as prompted with the error message, then go back a few lessons, did the trick. For the record, when it was broken, it showed me an empty console, but once I went through those steps, it suddenly changed to show a commented line “# Set count_to equal to the sum of two big numbers” and then print count_to a few lines below.

Same here I just started the course and have been stuck on Step 10 for about an hour now. Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Glad I’m not the only one having issues.

I had this issue too, I had to screw around with it, kept doing reset and clicking Back to the previous activity and run some code until it worked

Thanks !, it worked for me, cheers m8

just reset then set your variable and ‘print’ the variable, without that command it won’t work, i have been missing the ‘print’ command.

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The solution worked. Thanks!

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I reported this bug around 2 weeks ago. Anybody got a reply or a fix?

mine is not yet fixed after i reported. Is this happening to everyone that is on this step ?

any solutions ? Really want to continue the course :frowning:

Not sure, could just be a bug. Or including the print function would work. Not sure though.

Oh boy, the site is sooo slooooowww and almost every other lesson in Python the page simply wont load when I hit “Run” it shows waiting for hotjar script and simply stays in that state.
I am at the point of giving up on codeacademy! it kills the coding flow, the streak and overall the joy of learning to code!

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