Step 1


The last part of step one's direction states...

When the <li class="nav-consumer"> is clicked, a red border should appear around all all <a class="consumer thumbnail"> elements. When <li class="nav-mobile"> is clicked, a red border should appear around all the <a class="consumer thumbnail"> elements, and so forth.

Is this correct? Is there a typo for the what is to occur for when, for example, <li class="nav-mobile"> is clicked upon? Instead of the effect being initiated on <a class="consumer thumbnail">, should that read <a class="mobile thumbnail">?

Does the chart below depict the association between the elements used to initiate the events and the elements to receive the effects?

Elements triggering events... Elements receiving effects...

<li class="nav-all active">		(all four thumbnail classes)
<li class="nav-consumer">		<a class="consumer thumbnail">
<li class="nav-mobile">	                <a class="mobile thumbnail">
<li class="nav-commerce">		<a class="commerce thumbnail">
<li class="nav-enterprise">		<a class="enterprise thumbnail">

Is this correct?

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