I am working on the Manhattan Zoo project, and I am having a difficult time getting past step 1.
The task states “Initialize a new git repository.”
I use the command :

$ git init …

.and keep getting the statement …

fatal: cannot tell cwd: No such file or directory

Am I using the wrong git command?


So the issue was solved by pressing enter in the text file. I guess by creating a new line, you are able to initialize a new git repo. Is this a step I will need to do when I am working with a git repository in the real world ? Or was this issue only specific to this course on Codecademy?

Maybe that location didn’t exist, like your error message says. Did you check?

I’m having this error too. I pressed enter in the “bash” area as well as in the other area containing the regular text but neither of those actions changed the outcome. i’m doing the git init filename which is fine but when I do git status filename i get your error.

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