Statistics (Summary) Section of Profile

I honestly have no idea why, but I love looking at my profile stats page (Currently called Summary), and how it changes over time.

It seems pretty empty at the moment, without including many things.

I was just going to see if it was possible to add a few stats, such as Day Streak on Forum, Number of Accepted Answers, and Number of Messages Sent.

Thank you for considering!

A person’s trust level should change progressively, by degrees. Members who are bent on speeding up the process only bring attention to themselves in sometimes not a positive way. It’s called gaming the system for instant gratification and reward.

Don’t think you have not been noticed for this very reason.

+1 for no. of accepted answers.

Me and a few friends at school are competing for the longest day streaks and answer counts.
Some trackers proposed would really help, as not to have to keep track on paper. :joy:

I enjoy sharpening my eyes and core skills by helping people look for mistakes.

I know I am just starting out in the programming scene, so I spend a lot (probably too much) frequenting these forums and other websites.
(Not to mention reading, I know, I’m a computer nerd) :wink:

Of course I love the challenge of collecting badges and ranking up, but that isn’t my biggest priority.



More changes are coming soon for the Summary page:

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