Startup App: Web App or Mobile App?

If you want to create an MVP that doesn’t use any features like GPS or camera, should you make a native or web app? The app is intended to be a social media app. If it’s Native or Web-based, what career path or skill path should I take here in Codecademy in order to gain the necessary skills? Thanks!!

for an MVP, I would go for a web-app, and if you use something like ionic or react native you can also easily make an app with one code-base

but this also means you web-app needs to be an SPA.

Not sure what career path is best, but you certainly need html, css and JavaScript. And then react (for ionic or react native).

furthermore would this require you to build an API, so you need SQL + back-end. there are several options for your backend (Java, c#, golang, python, ruby, php, rust and more) + maybe a framework for the language of your choice