Starting with Github: why can't I see the page created in the repository?

Hello everyone.

I’m a newbie and I have followed the Codecademy tutorial to set up my welcome page on Github. No problem.

Then, I created a folder for the Dasmoto’s Arts&Crafts project and uploaded it in a new repository on Github:

But I can’t find the page!

I downloaded Github desktop but it didn’t change anything.
I have difficulties understanding how I should structure the repositories and folders.
Should I create a new repository for a new project or a new branch in the first repository I created?

I am stuck and I can’t load the page either way.

How could I solve the problem? :sweat:

Hi Virginia, thanks for posting this! A couple of our superusers recently hosted a learner meetup on the basics of Git and GitHub so they may be able to help you! @toastedpitabread, @lisalisaj, and @irlfede, do you have any tips you can share with Virginia?

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Hi there @virginia_20! GitHub pages can be super confusing, so don’t worry. I get confused too.

Based on this:, you’ll notice that it says You get one site per GitHub account and organization, and unlimited project sites. What that means is that you get to have one URL that looks like what you did: ( and every other repo you make that you want a page for will have to be a “project” site. So instead you’ll find it as: :< name of the repo >.

So! Try following the steps provided in the tutorial page I mentioned above, making sure that you select “Project site”:

And let us know if you are still running into trouble :+1:


Thanks for the answer! It helped me a lot!

The problem was that I didn’t set up the source as the main branch in the settings.

I tried to make the changes with my Dasmoto repository, but it didn’t work.
So I created a new one: dasmoto-project and it worked! :star_struck: