Starting with codeacademy

So yeah, i’m starting with codeacademy and I don’t know what to do right now…
I know nothing about coding, and if I train myself to code html, how will it help me?

Hi @zombi_ripper,

As you mentioned you know nothing about coding, start learning a little or anything about coding means you’re already taking your first step towards coding.

You can start learning HTML and progress to CSS, though HTML and CSS are not officially considered as programming languages, they are seemingly easier to learn and they are the backbone which make up any websites you see today, whereby HTML provides the bone structure of website, CSS provides the styling controls (what makes a website beautiful).

After fully grasping both HTML and CSS, you can proceed to learn about JavaScript. Now, JavaScript is a programming language. JavaScript is important to make the website interactive, which is referred as dynamic website (simple example: you can see when you click something in the website, the layout changes without having to refresh the web pages and that is just one simple example). JavaScript, together with HTML and CSS, they form what is called Front End Development. In simple terms, things such as web pages you see from your browser, all that is done through Front End Development. The opposite of it will be Back End Development, the programming process that will be dealing with server side.

So your question, how will it help? It depends, if you want to be a web designer, your goal is to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. When the foundation is solid, proceed to server-side in the advance stage to become a Full-stack Web Developer.

If you want to deal with data analyzing, learning HTML will not help much in that, learning Python is much recommended.

In the end, set a realistic goal, what you want to achieve? What is your end goal? If you’re just learning to code for fun, then just go with the flow and see which one you like. Else, you need to have some sort of goal in mind to choose your path in learning to code.

What CodeCademy offers here are mostly beginner courses with different languages to get your hand deep in learning each programming syntax and concepts. Although they will be rolling out more advance courses in future, bear in mind that finishing all the courses here does not demonstrate your mastery of programming. Learning to code and program is a long hard path, it is evidently harder when you’re self learning, couple with the ever fast-changing technology advances. Try google anything that comes in your mind about coding and read more about it in different articles. I’m sure it will help in some way.

Don’t let my words scare you away, you should give coding a try if you’re interested about it. Months ago I have zero knowledge about coding, we start in the same way. Well, at least now I can type an essay about it, nothing really great or impressive about my learning, but the fact I know a little something means I’m improving. So, I hope the same goes for you too.


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Thanks codexthon! U really helped me to get a better view on coding, and i really appreciate your answer. I will look more into coding, and see how i can benefit from it. I’m sure my self learning will not be useless. Many people say there’s a huge asking for coders, and if i can be of worth to someone by coding, it wil be nice!

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You’re welcome @zombi_ripper. It’s a path not for everyone, but with perseverance and determination, it can be a very rewarding experience. Imagine from knowing nothing to eventually building something, the satisfaction alone can propel you even further. Just don’t loose hope when you’re stuck, any progress is a progress. Have a realistic goal, start simple, build towards it and have more complex goals when you get better. Some day, you will get to a point when you look back, you will see how much you’ve become and gained.

Another scenario is that you come to realization that coding is just not for you (everyone who goes through coding will at point thinking about that) or life forces you to the other way, all is not lost, the skills you acquire while learning to code, the logical thinking and resourcefulness will help you some way or another without you realizing it.

Wish you all the best. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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