Starting to Code


Hello all

I am a beginner with coding and wanted to reach out within the community to see what people think owuld be the best way to learn how to code and deal/analyze big data?

What books have you guys read, possible coursera courses taken, websites to use?

Open discussion for all.


I also would like to know.


If you want industry level education and instruction in quite an extensive selection of topics and courses, quite possibly even covering big data and business skills, is worth the price.


Thanks! I am a beginner to coding but I am really eager to learn, I want to learn as much as I can.


Be patient with yourself.
Google a lot.
Divide problems into smaller parts and solve one at a time, if you're only ever dealing with a small piece of code, it becomes far easier to reason about it.
Don't be afraid to try different languages.
Be very careful about making assumptions, re-check your facts.
Don't guess, find out.
Use prints to debug.


I really hope once you start coding that you will find it very easy and enjoy it. If you ever get stuck just go here and tell us your problem and soon someone might help you. :grinning: