Starting off with the Modulo symbol


Hi all,

So I am working my way through the exercises for Javascript programming, however when it comes to the Modulo exercise and it is asking me use the console.log functionality 3 times to print the remainder of the following equations:

So going by the example shown I use the statement: // console.log (14 % 3);

However when I pres save and submit it says to me: "oops, did you console.log() the result of 14%3; ?
Which I think I have as shown in the statement two lines above?

Why is it not saving and submitting my results? Am I using the wrong statement?


Try refreshing your page


Hi I tried that, but still the same result?


Make sure you don't have the "//" in front of the console.log statements.

console.log(14 % 3);
console.log(99 % 8);
console.log(11 % 3);

And it's modulation (or the " % " sign) not division.