Starting my Journey Now

Hi everyone !

I hope everyone is doing okay!

Today I took one step forward and bought the Codecademy Pro. I think this was necessary to have more resources and since I am “paying”, I will “need to use” the money.

Any tips or advices? I am 27 years old. It has been a while since my journey in programming(which happened in 2014) in Pascal. More and more everyday I think my career is around programming…it is something hard to learn and not everyone enjoys it, even the ones who are good at it, BUT I do :slight_smile:

My goal is to actually change my career and start working as a programmer. I did not go to the University so I don’t have a degree but I also believe if I learn and I’m good at this, I can either find a job or work as a freelancer.

Right now I am working in a full-time&part-time jobs so I am short in time…but I will MAKE the time in order to start a new career and be able to live better woring as a full-time developer instead of working as crazy to earn as little as the minimum wage.

Thank you in advance.

Cheers everyone!



I didn’t go to a university either and I struggle with time management, but I found a place in the account settings where you can set goals. Right now my goal is to do Codecademy three days a week. Setting reminders for times when I know I won’t be busy also helps me stay on top of things. I haven’t been keeping it up lately because life just got really crazy, but I’m learning not to be upset at myself every time I don’t reach my goal. I had to cut down the days early on because I needed to make time for work, family, and other studies, too. Try to keep it small to start and then see if you can add to it. It’s less discouraging than doing it the other way around.

Just keep your goal in mind. Take breaks so you don’t fry your brain or completely wear yourself down. Be determined, but flexible. And don’t take it TOO seriously. If it’s something you enjoy, you should keep it fun. I plan and build fake websites in my spare time or when I need a break from school. They’re far from professional-looking, but they give me a chance to dust off my creativity while looking at my progress. It keeps it fun for me and reminds me of my end goal.

Hope you get your dream job when you’re done!



My best advice is this: do as many projects off-platform as you can! Being able to do the projects within Codecademy is awesome, but being able to extend your skills without guidance is going to serve you very well, and can help with building a portfolio for when you’re ready to apply for jobs.

Good luck!


Hi Abbie!

I hope you are well!

Just wanted to thank you all your kind words ! I’m holding on to them !

Take care !! :slight_smile:

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Hi Devon!

Thank you so much for your advice ! I will remember it for sure !!

Take care !! :slight_smile:

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what kind of career path do you take we can work together encourage ourselves

Hi !

I’m on Front-end Engineer career path.

Already done the HTML part and I am currently doing CSS.

Let me know if this career path matches yours :slight_smile: