Starting "Go" solution same as starting position

I’m just incredibly confused trying to learn “Go” on this website. With the first lesson I wasn’t sure where to put the command so I wanted to check solution to compare. Problem is the solution says the exact same thing as the starting point. When I run the original, it says to add the command, but when I “Swap with solution” it says the exact same thing and passes. What’s happening here?

I assume you are talking about the exercise Compiling Files. If you are referring to another exercise, share the link to the exercise.

In the exercise “Compiling Files”, we aren’t making any changes to the code in the editor. So, solution code looks the same as the starting code.
In this exercise, we are entering commands in the bash terminal (window on the right).

Can you share what exactly you are typing in the bash terminal?

(Do note that the hint talks about building a file named greet.go whereas in the exercise we are working with a file named main.go)

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