Starting a Roblox Lua course on Codecademy

I Think that code academy should start teaching how to script in roblox lua, because robloxs wiki is helpful but not interactive enough there are videos on youtube. Like roblox hour of code, but there are only like 4 videos. The rest is random crap plls add a roblox lua section to codeacademy, because in the roblox wiki they teach how to script a couple things, but then from their on out theirs no help you can find help in groups and in the wiki which takes lots of searching but I wont. I think you guys on code academy could do way better than the roblox wiki, and teach how to script way more stuff like boats weapons and more, you guys do the best job at defining everything. So you understand what it does. Right now I’m trying to learn how to script in roblox lua, but when i tried to script a boat their were so many things in that boats script that was unexplained. If you guys could start a roblox lua course thx that would be rlly helpful.


you know that is a good idea



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Really good idea! The videos on youtube only talk about a few stuff and are sometimes not that detailed

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yea mate thats a sick idea, thx g. wats ur roblox usernam

its the same as my ode academy username amirh17658

that is a great idea

Please, post things like this in the Course Suggestions Section from now on.

Thank you!

what do you mean ???

:heart_eyes:I like that idea!

This is a really good idea.

With the I think its best to have a basic lua course. Roblox uses all basic lua and you can find tutorials about the roblox functions.

Roblox lua (rLua) and lua are very much identical apart from the roblox functions. I think this is a good idea and they should add it.

Please, all of you interested in a LUA course go to the COURSE POLL page and vote for LUA, the course is now at 5% , I am pretty sure you can raise it up on the list: Course Poll

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Im very rich on roblox and i have a yt channel too.
I also trade and i think your idea is completely original.

Lua is not made for roblox and shouldn’t cover roblox lua, look at some yt vids, though I have wanted to learn lua too, no one else on codecademy wants to either, if you are so crazy about it maybe you can go on 10 minite temporary email and then make tons of accounts and vote lua on the course poll, that would work actually :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting for a comprehensive and structured way to dive into Lua for Roblox, and this course has exceeded my expectations. The interactive lessons, hands-on projects, and clear explanations make learning a breeze. Huge kudos to the team behind this - you’ve made my Roblox development journey so much more exciting with Arceus X!:star_struck::bulb:Keep up the fantastic work, Codecademy! Thank you for empowering us to create awesome experiences in the Roblox universe.

They gotta add lua man

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