Starting a project

I need to start a project in one of my classes and it needs to be either website or simply a code file that shows what all I’ve spent my time doing. I have 5 weeks and would like a to make something that isn’t too easy nor too hard. I know JS, HTML, CSS, and Java. Any suggestions as to what I could build in 5 weeks using at least one of these languages?

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A beautiful, interactive website? :slight_smile:

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I’ve thought about it but don’t know what I should make it about nor what sort of interactive features I should include.

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Make a website about something you passionate about? Coding, or anything else. (Cars, fashion?)

Well, you could start with a nice dropdown navigation menu, a picture carousal? Look around a few sites for some inspiration. A mouse over event over a word (or the element the word is nested in) to show a picture or small popup? There is plenty to do