Started my first React app

Started my first React app. I made some snazzy artwork for it in Adobe illustrator. It’s for a hypothetical space mission in the foreseeable future. When I have a good grip on it, I’ll Upload it to GitHub. Right now, I just need some time to relax and play! I’m also seeking coding buddies for Fullstack engineer certification studies. Thank you for reading! :grin:


I have started the FSE path 2 days ago. I know HTML, CSS and some JS. But don’t know any front end frameworks and backend other than basic SQL. I understand you have reached the react sections. Wish you luck. I hope to reach there in 2 months or so.
I have found another great free open source resource for web development kind of similar to codecademy. It’s called the Odin Project.
Have seen a lot of amazing reviews on it. The best thing I understand is that, they have a great community. You can go to their community page on the website to join the discord group. You may find coding buddies who knows or learning react stuff.:+1: That community has more learners and is engaging than codecademy I believe.

Wish you success.

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