Started from the bottom now we’re here


Hello all,

Not much of a forum’er myself, but I wanted to share something I’ve been working on…

4 years ago, I had a dilemma. Struck by an incredible1 idea, not knowing how to build it and no money to hire someone, what do you do?

So I did what anyone might and learned to code. I had dabbled in C and HTML before (quite the combo, great for hacking NASA), but being too young I didn’t understand much of it… With a newfound fire to actually create something, I turned to a few places for guidance. One was Codecademy.

I remember working through the Ruby course, learning the basics… Blocks, procs and lambdas took me far too long, but I got there with a dash of persistence. And it only got better. From crude little applets into full-blown applications, and now my current project…

Last year, I had a horrible customer service experience with a major mobile network in England. And without much digging, it turned out I wasn’t alone. Friends & family getting screwed by confusing or hidden pricing, waiting on the phone for too long… you know the drill.

So I decided to start my own network, Zevvle. One that’s built for you, with transparent pricing and useful support (if you need it…). And with those years of coding behind me, I can build things myself (for now): website, mobile app, telecom billing system…

We’re launching later this year in the UK with SIM-only plans, and if you’re anything like me I’d recommend you sign up (well of course I do). Even better, get your friends involved — we’re offering a month on us (up to 12, of course) for every person you refer that orders a SIM. Just give them your link after signing up!

Thank you Codecademy for the help those years ago, and thank you to all the people in the community!

What are you working on, what are you learning? Maybe I can help or offer some guidance… As far as languages go, I mostly work with JavaScript nowadays (React Native, the web, backend), but haven’t forgotten my Ruby roots. And of course the front-end languages…. HTML never gets old.

Any questions let me know, and have a great week,

Nick :rocket:

1. Your idea isn’t as good as you think it is. Most of the time…