Start with Python 3 Course or Build Chatbot with Python skill path?

For those of us that are completely new to Python, would you recommend starting with the Python 3 course, then move to the Build Chatbot with Python skill path OR the other way around? Please explain your reasoning. Thank you!

First we learn grammar and sentence construction while extending our lexicon as we go. With those new skills and vocabulary under development we begin to construct paragraphs that contain ideas and assertions and learn to state a case.


Write 100 words about your pet or pets.

After much paragraph writing we advance to essays.


Write 1000 words on how a thawing permafrost is responsible for the increase of Methane in Earth’s atmosphere.

Again, it will seem like there is an endless demand for more essays. In one’s final year of high school two essays a week, one for English, and one for Social Studies is not unheard of. This is important since we can expect the Departmental Exam to give around 30% to the long essay portion.

Falling away from this analogy, a project generally assumes we are already good at writing essays (read, designing code). Definitely take all the introduction tracks and do the free form projects along the way. There is much to learn, and in my view, better to learn it before than during.

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