Start over


Does anyone know how I can erase my progress and start over?

I started learning java like 3 years ago, but didn't finish it, and now I want to learn again, but from the first lesson.




Hi @leticiaalmeida,

You probably mean JavaScript, not Java, and if that is the case then there is no easy way to reset your progress in that course.

You can use the Reset Code button before you begin each exercise or you can create a new account. This might help with that:


Wish there was an easier way,

Thanks @albionsrefuge !!


The easier way is to delete your account and make a new one. It takes like 2 minutes.


The easier way is to manually go into the url and change it.
For example, I was at this url and spot in the course.

all I did to go back was to delete the curriculum part,

then change the end of the url to

so it was on lesson 1, section 1.

Hope this helps!


By the way, this does not delete any progress. It's good for review because everything you did previously will still be there for you