Start of Build Websites from Scratch

Hi all,
Just wondering has the “Build Websites from Scratch” course started yet. I’m enrolled in the latest one and the section in the “Learn” part says it’s starting in “less than one day”…but it’s been saying that for a while.
I also haven’t received any details of what the slack channel is.

Is anyone else waiting for the course…or has it started and I haven’t been included yet?


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I have the same question with respect to the “Build Front-End Web Applications From Scratch” program. It says starting in “less than 1 day” on my dashboard. When does the course start? Thanks.

Hi all, you can contact our customer support team here:

If you’re talking about the course I think you’re talking about, it’s due to start tomorrow – you should have access at around noon EDT.


I think we’re talking about 2 different courses, but it seems we’re having similar issues. Thanks for your response @oduffy. I have contacted the support team regarding my issue.

Do you have any luck?, im also enrolled in Build websites from scratch 16 oct, and i cant acces the course too, if you know anything, please let me know. thanks in advance.

Hi @cloudrockstar98684 - it’s just updated for me. I can now start unit one. My page for the site now looks like this:

Hopefully yours has updated too

How many people does this apply to? If only an exclusive few, then it should not be out in full view.