Start Introducing blockchain and cryptocurrency related Course and Projects

Codecademy need to be innovative otherwise it won’t attract the potential users or existing membership users !!!

  1. Start Introducing BLOCKCHAIN and CRYPTOCURRENCY related Course and Project

  2. Start Accepting USDT or Crypto as method of payments

  3. Creating interesting projects regarding Blockchain projects, such as Cryptopunks or any Ethereum based blockchain projects

Please consider

This is a really good idea. Would be cool to see that implemented.

i just came on here to suggest the same thing. Crypto and blockchain is what i want to learn.

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This man right here, speaking the truth

We are waiting for some steps from the code academy :slightly_smiling_face:

I am new with my course blockchain and cryptocurrency… it’s really good idea.

Those kinds of services are really demanded right now. So, it’s an excellent idea to provide introductory courses for those who want to learn about blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Many people would like to invest in this sector. But they’re afraid to take this risk because of the lack of knowledge. I think that guidelines like - learn forex trading step by step also were highly demanded when forex trading became new but gained popularity quickly. You probably might use this as a layout for your course and apply some ideas to your project.