Start again?

Hi Guys,

I’m just looking for some advice.

Iv been stuck on the javascript intermediate challenges for a week now and pretty much used the ‘view solution’ button on every challenge except one.

Before starting the intermediate questions I feel like I had a good understanding of the JavaScript concepts, but now I feel clueless my answers are never the same as Codecademy.

Has anyone been in a similar situation with this section? Is it worth me grind through the rest of the questions and learn from the ‘view solution’ section or just start over on the javascript section?

Appreciate any advice!


Hi Liam,

I’ve been experiencing the same problem. Usually what I do instead of starting over is just find out where I lost track and find out where I can improve myself.
After that I re-visit that specific material and think to myself “How would I teach someone else this?”

I hope this helps because in my experience starting over just makes you want to skip over a lot of steps.



Thanks for the reply!

I’ll give this ago! I think I’m going wrong around the format of methods so i’ll look into that.