Standalone course vs Path

Im looking at going on to the computer sci path once Im finished learning the command line. I am currently 61% of the way through it but on the computer sci path syllabus part 2 it shows that I have finished that. So what I want to know is the path more of a overview of the subject or do they have the same amount of content as the standalone course. Ie: Does the computer sci path have the same content as the standalone python 3, git, command line etc… courses or is a more broad but less in depth course(The comp sci path)?

Hi there, welcome to the forums!

As you’ve noticed, completing the stand-alone course on the Command Line has given you some progress towards the Computer Science path.

This is because the paths - both the skills paths and the career paths - use content from the standalone courses.

The standalone courses focus on a single thing - like the command line. The paths, in contrast, are a more rounded, guided structure covering a broader range of material from numerous courses available here.

You might not go through every lesson of a stand-alone course whilst doing one of the paths, but you can easily do the path and then go and “fill in the gaps” in any of those courses after completing it to keep improving your knowledge of the subject matter. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.