Stage 6 Exercise: Push Not Working


Edit: I've realized what's going wrong here -- a pretty silly mistake, really. I was supposed to title the repository "," rather than naming it "," as I did. Once the repository is named correctly, all of the remaining steps work perfectly.

When I follow the steps specified in the exercise associated with Stage 6, I get an error message.

My git username is sixo33.

I created a repository with the name

I've successfully initiated a repository in the personal-website directory.

I've set up the remote in line with what the instructions require, so far as I can tell, A remote -v command returns as origin for both (fetch) and (push).

I've added the files inside the "personal-website" directory to the repository, and run the commit command as the instructions specify.

When I attempt to execute the first push as specified in Step 6, however, I run into an error message stating that the repository can't be found.

I'm wondering if someone might be able to help me figure out what's going wrong here.

Is the problem that the name of the repository as specified in its creation "" differs from the name set up in the step that involved assigning origin and remote (

If that's not the problem, then any advice any of you might offer as to what I'm doing wrong here would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.