Stack Overflow's 2020 Insights Survey


I thought you all might find this interesting:
Stack Overflow’s 2020 Insights Survey

This link goes directly to the salary survey portion of the study, but the study, in its entirety, has a lot of very interesting information about coders. Enjoy!


Cool! Thanks for posting. I found the 2019 results quite insightful. I always like looking at the demographic information the most.

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Wow, out of 65,000 developers that participated in the survey only 7.7% were women in a professional developer role (compared w/91.7% men). :flushed:

Seems we have a way to go. OR, more women need to participate in the survey (ie: better outreach).


Yeah, it’s pretty amazing the amount of information they’re getting from their very dedicated user base!

I did not see that RE: women in the coder workforce! You’re right, perhaps more needed to participate. Or, I wonder if women who DO code participate less on a site like Stack Overflow where male participation dominates. I know that when I participate in some SysAdmin groups ( my other profession => AWS / Azure cloud, networking, linux) there are very few women, and honestly, the men are kind of cheesy and I wouldn’t blame the women who do not want to participate. :man_shrugging: i dunno…

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The problem that I have with their annual survey is their sample population. I know they stated that they reached out on different channels (rather than just using their platform…but still).

For me, I don’t participate on S.O. I read, consume and observe how others interact. Mostly b/c the query has already been fully answered and also b/c I find the users on the site a bit intimidating.

It’s still good info on the population they surveyed. I also like the visuals. They seemed to have improved this year.

This is…predictable though: :rofl:

And this is true and hilarious (for me):