Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey

This usually has some really good insights into the tech industry. I think they still need to do a little better in reaching a more diverse audience though. (if you read the demographics section of the survey).


  • 60% of respondents (83,439 software developers from 181 countries around the world) said they learned to code from online resources.

  • 91% of all devs that participated identify as male, and 92% of professional devs identify as male. From the survey results: “The United States has the highest percentage of gender minorities (Woman, Non-binary, genderqueer, or gender non-conforming). We have considerable work to do to ensure our platform is inclusive and that our survey is representative of developers everywhere.”

  • “We continue to see evidence that people of color are underrepresented among professional developers.” (demographics section of the survey).

  • Python (48.24%) passed SQL (47.08%) and is the 3rd most popular (yay! That’s my bias). JS is the most popular (64.96%), HTML/CSS, 56.07%

  • There were ~25K respondents who said they belong to an online dev community, and 85% are open to the public vs. 15.24% are in private/invite-only groups.

  • The most loved/most dreaded section is always a favorite:
    Interesting: COBOL is the most dreaded. BUT, if you recall last year, NJ’s State UI system, which is/was based on COBOL had some issues (b/c of the record numbers of ppl who were filing for unemployment during the Pandemic) and the state had to find older devs who knew the language and could help them fix their website.

Anyway, it’s an interesting compilation of data that can give us some insights into the industry and the languages people use. Go check it out!

Happy coding! :woman_technologist:t2:


Nice breakdown! It’d be interesting if they also shared in the younger demographics how it was gendered (is it trending better or staying flat?).