So I am working through this article. I am currently on the 3rd step where you open the src/App.js in a code editor on your computer. However, I have no idea where this file is. I cannot seem to find it anywhere. I am assuming it was created when I installed everything and started the new app. The thing is, I cannot find any of it on my computer. I am using a Mac and am running the latest version of the OS. Could somebody please help me figure out how to locate this file?

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Hello @ajames0531 You can find all the folders in your react app by cd ing into that directory in Git Bash, then you can type the command ls this will show you all the folders in your react app directory, then in that same directory, type ls src to list contents of src directory, then in Git Bash, (if you have VS Code installed), type code . to open the folder in an instance of VS code.
hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face: