Sqlite3 file is encrypted or is not a database?

Hello. I am currently trying to go “Off-Platform” with SQL, using SQLite 3 on a Mac. I am able to instal SQLite3, as well as download a database, but I am having a difficult time accessing said database in ther Terminal. I can search within my Desktop to see that the database is indeed present, but when I target it and attempt a .schema, I get the following error: sqlite3 file is encrypted or is not a database.

Any advice on how to overcome this, which I’m sure is a simple error I’m making, would be really appreciated.

Here is the tutorial via Codecademy I am attempting to follow:
Go Off-Platform


sqlite> .open filename.db
sqlite> .tables
sqlite> .schema tablename


Are you able to open the database at all?

It turns out one of the databases I was using through Codecademy wasn’t working, but the other ones work just fine. What an unnecessary hassle. Thanks for your help.

Thank you! This worked. You just made my day. Greatly appreciated.