SQLite setup issues


Hi, I am new on learning SQL and everything went well till “Go Off Platform” section.
I followed the instruction of setting SQLite but I am stuck. After cd to the folder where sqlite at in my computer, when I typed “winpty ./sqlite3.exe”, it showed nothing but money sign instead of “sqlite>”. I did try following the instruction of the video tutorial, which is different with the text one, and it returns nothing, not even a “$”.
I tried both methods several times and it went through once (not even know how and which one made it through). The “acs-1-year-2005.sqlite” was opened successfully and I was able to select * and got table. However, it reached the bottom of screen and everything I typed won’t appear anymore. I didn’t know how to clear screen that time so I just closed Git and reopened it. Then everything stuck now, I cannot open any databases, I cannot get “sqlite>” no matter the text or video instruction I applied. Lots of time my typing went invisible after "“winpty ./sqlite3.exe” command.
I don’t know how to proceed the course and it’s very disappointed that I have to stop at this way instead of having understanding issue. Please can anyone helps me on this, I really enjoy learning SQL.

Btw, it’s annoyed that the text and tutorial instructions using different software with different commands and contents. It’s very confusing.

Hi @fenrir913,

Try to use DB Browser (SQLite), which is a GUI for managing Databases files.
Here is the guide for setting up DB Browser (SQLite).

Hi @fenrir913. First, I was with the same problem as you. I made this course: Learn Command Line and understand how to use bash.

First of all, you need to have sqlite3.exe on your actual directory. Confirm it using the “ls” command. Here’s how I set my sqlite3


CTRL+C or .quit made you get out of your database. To reset a line, type “;” and press enter.

Now, let’s set our GitBash enviroment

echo "alias sqlite3="winpty ${PWD}/sqlite3.exe"" >> ~/.bashrc
This code will set an invisible document named “bashrc” in your home directory that sets sqlite3 as shortchut for winpty ${PWD}/sqlite3.exe. You can check out if it worked typing nano ~/.bashrc in your bash terminal

What this code does it’s set a shortcut every time you type sqlite3 in the bash terminal.
Then, just type source ~/.bashrc to setup .bashrc as your default settings for this section.

Note that sqlite3 it’s just a shortcut

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