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SQLite Installation

Does anybody on this planet who is not a certified nerd understand how to install this? I’m extremely disappointed with Code Academy on this. I thought that this site and the SQL course was for beginners. THIS IS TASK IS NOT A BEGINNER LEVEL TASK!

Git -Bash Terminal??? Command line???



I have the same problem. I manage to install SQLite and even created the alias (though needed to replace tilde ~ by / as in my Git Bash not sure why / was appearing instead of ~). But even now, I am not sure if I did it correctly as I cannot run sqlite from Git Bash. It just does not recognize the tables in database downloaded from the Sqlite Data Starter Packs (following the instructions from the video for Windows).

Did you get help on this? I cannot see any response to your question.


I faced the same problem. But quickly found tutorials how to instal it correctly. Because if you joining to IT community learning SQL in this case, you should know how to google any problems or issues.
As for your problem, i advice you to use graphic interface of SQLite, it’s more then enough) Good luck, my friend!

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