Sqlite/git bash for Windows issue

Hi. I’m looking for some help getting sqlite to work properly via git bash. It seems to be partially functioning. winpty ./sqlite3.exe is triggering an error. Anyone any idea? Thanks

What are the contents of your current directory, is there a sqlite3.exe file in there? Could you check for the files in your current directory with ls?

I’d hazard a guess either the files were extracted to a location you did not expect when you unzipped the download, or, you downloaded something that doesn’t contain the pre-compiled command line program so there is no .exe in that file.

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Thanks. Looks like it’s the no .exe. Here’s a snap of git with ls, and another of the unzipped files.

Hmm, there could be. By default Windows hides a lot of extensions in file explorer. From the output of that ls command it looks like you hav a subdirectory in your current directory.

Compare the path from your cd command to that path in your final screenshot. You are one directory further along. Try moving to that directory and trying to find the sqlite3.exe (use ls again to be sure).

Perfect. Yeah, I was able to access it thru the subdirectory, thought they were the same. Thank you

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