SQL, Win 10, Edge, cursor placement issue

I have a Windows 10 machine using the Edge browser.

If you hover the cursor over the code editor section near where you would expect to click to enter your code then you cannot edit/write any code. You have to hover/click about half way down the code editor section to be able to edit/write any code.

When you hover over the top section of the code editor the cursor will be the ‘pointing finger’ so then you move and hover half way down and the cursor changes then if you click you can then start entering your code in the code editor section.

This topic is getting quite old now. Is this still a problem for any of you Edge users?

I haven’t experienced the issue I have a win 10, tested on Microsoft edge browser and worked perfectly

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Thanks Zainab, I was just able to try it and I agree that it is no longer a problem.

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