SQL Update fileld with inner join

Hi everyone.
I’m newbie on SQL.
I have 2 tables.

I make a inner join and it’s work. The common field is Sample_ID
Now i try to update the field Ref_report on the table Parameter_result$ from the table Parameter_sample$.
And i have error.

Can you help me.
Thank you

* from  Parameter_sample$
INNER JOIN Parameter_result$ on Parameter_result$.sample_id = Parameter_sample$.sample_id
UPDATE Parameter_result$
SET Ref_report = Parameter_sample$.ref_report;

Hello @huguesgagnon ,

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Please post a link from the lesson and the error message. It helps give us context.

This is a great article on SQL UPDATE with Inner Join:

SQL Server UPDATE JOIN Explained By Practical Examples (sqlservertutorial.net)

I think you want something like this:

UPDATE Parameter_result$
SET Ref_report = Parameter_sample$.ref_report
FROM Parameter_result$
INNER JOIN <table_name2> ON <column_name>
WHERE <table_name1>.sample_id = <table_name2>.sample_id;