Seems to me that what is covered in SQL in this course is rather easy; especially if you did any of the JS or jQuery or Angular courses. Why not just give instructions and reveal the code on prompts?

For example, take any exercise and instead of saying “type this” just give us the description of what to do and if we can’t figure it out we can press a button that reveals the code.

Most of the time I have to avert my eyes from the answer as it interferes with learning. The material is easy enough to figure out in most of the lessons.

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Hey, The course is a beginner level thus its easy.

For those who didn’t learn these languages it would be difficult for them to understand / follow instructions as they won’t know what to do …

My opinion I might be wrong !

Which is why there is a BUTTON saying “show code”.
what’s the point saying “i finished!” when you can’t write anything without copying? I am doing the 2nd course (advanced) and it doesn’t show the code which is nice and makes me thing more. I have never done SQL or Angular or jQuery or Javascript until 2 weeks ago; if it is blisteringly easy in my case then I don’t know who can find it too difficult to press a “reveal code” button.

Hi there, You should add “hide button”, so this will satisfy both beginners and a bit more advanced ppl, since they can reveal or hide it depending how they understand it.

Lets make it a toggle button that starts as hide :stuck_out_tongue:

@CommunityManagers have a look at this

The only thing I strongly agree with the most is showing what to type. I too have to advert my eyes from seeing the answer when I try to attempt it my self.

As far as being too easy, I cannot agree with that, it is for beginners and does a great job some folks don’t have a high learning curve. I am pretty sure there is plenty material around the webs to satisfy that thirst(including the PRO version here)

Thats why it is too easy - not the content but the experience with all the code right there infront of you all the time.

If you wanna brag go do it somewhere else, nobody is perfect. Some people may have a hard time with sql as i see many of the chat places where people are stuck. If you want, you can learn to code on a blank sql or eclipse page. We are not here to brag we are here to learn.


Im just adding a +1 to this article the code can literally be copy pasted. I spent additional time seeing what your gui would allow me to input so I would add limiters and my own quires just to test my own knowledge